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Are you struggling to find hope and direction in the midst of prescription drug withdrawal or chronic stress? I now offer coaching sessions for individuals who are tapering or withdrawing from antidepressant and/or benzodiazepine medications (and for those who are simply looking to reduce stress and find greater fulfillment in life). If you would like more information, please message me.

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I'm excited to announce that a variety of new titles are now available for purchase in the MPWriter Shop area (and don't forget to check out my new videos about healing, too)!

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Awkward Observations

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What things do you care about? What things do you choose not to care about? Do you make it a point to "do" relaxation?

 The Fiction

Best Fiction 2014 - Michael Priebe



(A short story)

The main character in Bookkeeping has two addictions—household planning and Facebook. Aftershocks from last decade’s financial collapses have him on high alert, and he is resolved to get his family back on track. Unfortunately, obsessive tendencies lead to a personal descent, both figuratively and literally. He moves his home office to the basement and loses himself in bill-paying, spreadsheets, and the virtual reality of social media. Bookkeeping introduces an ensemble of characters and offers a pointed but humorous look at the dangers of social comparison.                        

The Inspirational & Spiritual



Workday Inspiration - Michael Priebe

Aerial Image of  Indian Effigy Mounds at Effigy Mounds National Monument, Iowa - wikimedia

"Building Sacred Grounds"

(An excerpt from the author's manuscript of daily inspiration & devotion for workdays)

Sacred grounds are places where the sancity of life is recognized. They are places where life and death alike are recognized as gifts from a higher power, and they are connections to that higher power. Sacred grounds are places where we recognize that our souls are too important to be cheapened by daily commerce or the commotion of selfish pursuits.


How many sacred places do you have in the course of your daily walk through life? Would you ever consider your workplace sacred?

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