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The Lovely Grind


The Lovely Grind: Spiritual Inspiration for Workdays offers 90 meditations to find perspective and peace in a hectic life. This book promotes spiritual living and encourages personal empowerment no matter how difficult or discouraging the work environment. What is your workday struggle: Depression? Anxiety? Difficult coworkers? These approximately 400- to 600-word meditations are each presented with two Bible verses, but the ideas and insights will help set the right workday tone for anyone, regardless of current religious affiliation. Daily topics include: fighting loss of identity in the workplace, avoiding emotional numbness while being a professional, finding personal star power through spirituality, having the confidence to accept challenges at work, surviving micromanagement, dealing with difficult behavior from coworkers, remedying burnout, building a balance between professional and home life, working through anxiety and depression, maintaining a sense of humor on the job, finding the courage to change jobs, and many more.



Coming Fall 2019


First World


First World Problems - Short Fiction - Michael Priebe

Sick Building Syndrome


Other Stories

First World Problems: Sick Building Syndrome & Other Stories  takes readers through the sometimes silly and always poignent journeys that highlight  the struggles of many middle-class Americans in the twenty-first century. The stresses  of office life, marital drama, Facebook obsession, identity crisis, and repressed passion all come to a head for the characters in this book of collected short fiction from Michael Priebe. These stories, ranging from 500 - 20,000 words, are all laced with a distinctive humor and ironic narration that will leave readers wanting more .


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