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Excerpts from the author's manuscript of daily inspirations for the workday. All works copyright 2015 Michael Priebe.     background photo

Brett Favre by Michael Priebe


Did you have childhood dreams of being a star? Once upon a time, did you imagine what it would feel like to have tens of thousands of people cheering for you and admiring you?

In the middle of a mundane workday, have you ever felt that there is nothing further away from those youthful "rock-star" fantasies than the life you lead on daily basis? Find out how spirituality can give you your dreams back.


Brett Favre waves to approximately 67,000 adoring fans who greet him like a rock star at his Packers Hall of Fame induction ceremony and return to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. July 18, 2015

Stephen King "worshipped" his writing

Author Stephen King has sold over 350 million books, and he wrote the short story that spawned The Shawshank Redemption. He used to get otherworldy wasted in order to write.                                                         



In his book "On Writing," author Stephen King talks about the dangers of making a god out of writing. For years, King used drugs and alcohol to fuel marathon sessions behind his massive oak desk. Then he learned that art exists to fuel life, not the other way around.

Has work stress or professional aspirations ever knocked your life out of balance? If spirituality isn't at our cores, balance will always be a problem.

Michael Priebe's devotion for office stress

Security camera footage posted to YouTube shows frustrated office workers revolting against their environments.


Work stress can make a person feel downright crazy.

In order to make a living, many of us have to spend our days at places we don’t necessarily like doing things that don’t necessarily interest us. We can feel frustrated and trapped, so we always need a good dose of spiritual perspective to bring down the swelling of our everyday bruises.


Michael Priebe's devotion for work anxiety

When Anxiety Attacks

The workplace can seem absoultely terrifying if you are struggling with anxiety and panic, but there is a way to relief.

To fix anxiety in a lasting way, we need to fix perspective.

Jesus had to calm a few anxiety attacks during His time on this earth, and He did it by getting people to think about things in the right way. He reminded people that with God all things are possible, and He reminded them that God is always in control of their wellbeing.

"The Scream" by Edvard Munch shows how perspective can get insanely distorted when panic hits.


Do you ever feel as if every day at your job is exactly the same? Do you ever feel as if every week spent living your life is exactly the same? Maybe it's time to identify routines that need to be broken, because all true growth—professional, personal, and spiritual—requires a willingness to accept change.

Workplace monotony can create a brand of lunacy and frustration that needs to quashed before bigger problems show up in our lives.

Genius or Crazy?

Was John Lennon genius or crazy? Which are you? Sometimes the professional world tries to tell us that our uniqueness is a failing, but that is a lie. Your singularity is beauty breathed from God, so it's time to start owning your life story and developing the unique gifts that only you possess.

John Lennon was so unique that he will be an inspiration to others until the end of time. Believe it or not, you have that same singularity inside of you.


We can never forget to see past the HR guidelines and into the faces of the people all around us.

Truly Human Resources

Have you ever found the term "human resources" to be a bit insulting? Are we really just resources meant to be mined for profit by large organizations?

Absolutely not.

Let's think about "human resources" in another way. We each have uniquely human gifts that we can offer to an untold number of people during the course of our workdays.


When your travels feel lonely, it helps to look up and remember that you are never truly alone.


Sideways living can be defined as living comfortably with the illussion of progress when there isn't really much being made. Are you moving sideways professionally, financially, or spiritually? If so, today is the day to forge a new path toward true progress, even if that path seems lonely or unfamiliar at first.

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