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Note: According to the American Institute of Stress, work-related agitation is the major source of stress for American adults (although it is certainly not a uniquely American problem). In addition to common stressors like coworker issues and workload, many of us struggle with the stress of having to fulfill a less-than-satisfying work role in order to live more or less check-to-check. We sometimes feel like we lose our identities, our spirituality, and our dreams in order to serve the mundane reality that work promotes. It is the author’s hope that this message helps the stressed worker find spiritual peace and the energy to pursue a more fulfilling future.  Please share this meditation with anyone you know who is fatigued from the workplace or struggling professionally.

Living Like a Star

                                                          "AN INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE FOR THE WORKDAY"

Copywright 2015 Michael Priebe

Brett Favre by Michael Priebe

NFL hero Brett Favre waves to approximately 67,000 adoring fans who greet him like a rock star at his Packers Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and return to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. July 18, 2015                                                    photo courtesy of author

Then Jesus left that place and went into the territory of Judea on the other side of the Jordan. Crowds gathered around him as usual.” Mark 10:1 ISV

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2 NIV

Did you have childhood dreams of being a star? As a kid, did you ever envision yourself as an NFL quarterback, an Oscar-winning actor, or a hugely popular musician? Do you still find yourself daydreaming about these things sometimes? What would it be like to have tens of thousands of people cheering for you and admiring you? What would it be like to have mass adoration? What would it feel like to not only be accepted by others, but to inspire them?


In the middle of a mundane workday, have you ever felt that there is nothing further from a rock-star existence than the life you lead on a daily basis? After we’ve strung together long months and then years of paying the bills by commuting to average-looking jobs that offer no prospects for fame or mass adoration, we can start to get disappointed in ourselves. We can start to hate our average lives. We can start to feel as if youthful dreams of being special were nothing but foolish.


If you’ve ever felt disappointed by the discrepancy between your wildest professional aspirations and your current daily grind, it’s time to re-examine the nature of your dreams and see all of the possibilities that still sit in front of you.


Almost everyone has dreams of fortune and fame at one point, but it’s important to boil those dreams down to their base substances. Do you really desire the sort of obscene fame where your life is picked apart by paparazzi, or do you mostly just want to be accepted by the world for who you are? Do you really need massive wealth, or do you just want to have a little financial stability? Do you really need to travel to a different city every three days to be satisfied, or do you just need a sustained spirit of adventure in your life?


At the heart of many rock-star dreams are the desires to be accepted and set our own agendas. We want to fulfill ourselves and inspire others. Spirituality allows us to satisfy all of these wants.  It’s important to realize that it’s already possible—today—for your unique soul and spiritual singularity to create something that people will gather around. 


Creating a life around your spirituality is important for many reasons, not the least being that it develops the parts of you that people want to emulate and be around. Have you ever been drawn to someone who seems to have a contagious inner peace even in the midst of stress? In Jesus’ time on Earth, He was usually mobbed by crowds of people because they were desperate to be around what He was offering. People in this world are in search of healing for their pain and light in the midst of their darkness. As you develop spiritually, you are able to offer people wisdom and perspective to help calm the storms of their lives.


If you set your daily agenda with the search for spiritual knowledge at its forefront, you will eventually create exactly the sort of aura that people are drawn to in this world. People will want to be around you and emulate you, just as they would a sports or movie star. You will give people peace, escape from their problems, and inspiration, just like the greatest musicians do.


Today, if you surrender control of your destiny to God, then the petty and confusing aspects of your daily life can be replaced by global themes of brotherhood and unity—things that truly inspire. You’ll be able to find an adventurous spirit and inner peace. These things will not only satisfy you, but others will gather around to enjoy them as well. You will find true star power.


Today, pray for the strength and courage to open up your best traits to the world by following your soul’s lead. Through God’s positive energy and with His direction, you’ll be able to illuminate a beautiful life for yourself and others.

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