Jonathan Libre has just “celebrated” his thirteen-year anniversary as a customer communications specialist with the G. Bradford Corporation; however, life feels anything but festive as a strange illness overwhelms him. As his list of mysterious symptoms grows (everything from visual distortions and depression to testicular pain and emotional numbness) Jonathan begins searching for answers and worrying about his long-term prognosis. Finding no obvious diagnosis (or solution) for his ailments, Jonathan becomes convinced his office is causing the problems, and he vows to quit in order to restore his health. However, as he struggles to carry out those plans, he is distracted by the strange personalities and passive-aggressive outbursts that rule the G. Bradford offices. 


Among the office personalities who complicate Jonathan's days are: a boss who uses weekly staff meetings as a pep rally for his own dulled enthusiasm, an office manager who uses her position to exact revenge for a difficult personal life, and a coworker lost in neurosis she developed after a poor performance review. As Jonathan’s fatigue and frustration worsen, he gets much-needed perspective from an unusual customer-complaint experience, and he finally finds the resolve to build a more satisfying life for himself, one that no longer includes the G. Bradford Corportation.


In Sick Building Syndrome, author Michael Priebe takes a playful look at the relationship between professional stress and well-being while examining important questions about the problems caused by the spiritual and creative voids of modern life.

Sick Building Syndrome: A Funny, Crazy, Beautiful Novella