Is work wearing you down? Do the days of your grind have you feeling angry, anxious, or just plain empty? Are you looking for inspiration and a way forward?


In The Lovely Grind, writer Michael Priebe gives fatigued and frustrated workers 90 devotional messages that provide comfort, motivation, and a path toward a more fulfilling and spiritually satisfying life.


What is your biggest professional challenge right now? Dealing with difficult coworkers and the insanity of groupthink? Trying to work through depression or some other illness? Trying to appear engaged when your job is actually a million miles away from your true passions?


By discussing a broad range of work-related stressors and then offering spiritual and thought-provoking perspectives on each, The Lovely Grind connects readers with the beauty that exists within and all around them, even as they sit in professional settings that might seem less than inspiring.


According to a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Institute, perhaps a third of America’s workers are suffering from chronic work stress. If you are feeling worn down because of the pressures and challenges of a job or career, you aren’t alone. Life is less than enjoyable for millions of people because their professional existence has devolved into something that is sucking the soul out of daily living. Lost in a haze of mind-numbing meetings, physically challenging tasks, lengthy commutes, and petty coworker problems—tempted to write off the majority of days while waiting for the next vacation or pay raise—millions of workers begin to see life as painful, or worse yet, as mundane. Millions of people want to feel more alive and more spiritual on a daily basis, but where do they begin?


The Lovely Grind offers a starting point for recapturing life’s vibrancy and pursuing meaningful spiritual growth. With a tone that is simultaneously casual, literary, spiritual, and psychoanalytic, the messages in this book help readers find spiritual peace, inner strength, and the motivation needed to pursue a more fulfilling future. This book is both self-help and Christian devotional. By pointing to the profound and comforting words of Jesus (and other apt Scripture references), this book gives readers the perspective they need to survive and transcend the myriad challenges of both professional and personal life. By pointing readers toward self-love, self-care, present-moment awareness, and a healthy work/life balance, this book allows readers to discover a more soulful and productive way of living. It encourages proper care and development of the body, mind, and soul, and it aims to help readers find the proper motivation for both business-world success and meaningful self-improvement.


Whether you are chronically stressed, professionally unfulfilled, or just looking for a little extra workday motivation, the devotional messages in this book will help you to survive your most difficult professional challenges while developing personally and growing spiritually.

The Lovely Grind: Spiritual Inspiration for Workdays